Mrunal Manmay Dash

People residing in the vicinity of the Temporary Transit Centre (TTC) at Gadakana near Sainik School at the heart of Bhubaneswar City may not get rid of the foul smell anytime soon as the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) is reportedly planning to make the stinking dumping yard a permanent thing.

As per reports, the BMC has not only expanded the area of the dumping yard for waste processing, it has also built connecting roads to the TTC for easy plying of trucks carrying waste.

The civic body's U-turn on its earlier decision to shift the TTC elsewhere has triggered widespread resentment among the locals.

“They have made a road connecting the dumping yard, making it a permanent thing. Their dumper trucks will ply on this road. The BMC had said the Gadakana dumping yard is temporary in nature. But looking at the expansion of the yard and the connecting road to facilitate trucks, it seems the BMC has otherwise plans,” said a resident of Gadakana Ashok Sethi.

Another resident of Bhubaneswar Dilip Sahu said, “The Mayor had promised us to relocate this dumping yard from Gadakana two months back. Even the BMC Commissioner reiterated the Mayor’s promise the next day. Not only the area around Sainik School, but the entire Bhubaneswar is getting affected by this dumping yard. People are fed up with this garbage dumping in the middle of Bhubaneswar.”

“There should not be a permanent dumping yard in any town. Every town in rest of the States have their garbage disposal units outside the town limits. But it is an exception here in Bhubaneswar. Furthermore, the BMC had promised to shift it to a location away from Bhubaneswar. How can they proceed to make this thing permanent,” said another Bhubaneswar resident, Dilip Patra.

However, the BMC is of the opinion that the existing waste processing system at Gadakana is the only permanent solution for the waste problem in Bhubaneswar.

Speaking about the Gadakana dumping yard, BMC Commissioner Vijay Amruta Kulange said, “We have floated a tender for waste processing at Palashuni. The tender has already been opened and the party will be provided a work order soon. So we will treat the dry waste at Palashuni and wet waste at TTS.”

“People had their concerns about the smell and stink emanating from the dumping yard. It has reduced substantially now,” Kulange said.

It is pertinent to mention here that the BMC is mulling a special plan to process waste from poultry and fish market and for sanitary napkins and diapers.