Pradeep Pattanayak

Bargarh’s newly-elected BJP MP Pradeep Purohit on Saturday launched a fierce attack on former BJD leader and man Friday of former Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, VK Pandian at a felicitation meeting of the Odisha Rajya Krushak Sangathan held at Attabira in Bargarh district. 

“Once, VK Pandian had said that he would resign from politics if Naveen Patnaik was not elected Chief Minister for the sixth time. At a meeting, in the presence of Dharmendra Pradhan (Union Education Minister) I also said he couldn’t escape by resigning from politics,” said Purohit. 

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“I said BJP would form the government in Odisha. And once the government was formed, the BJP would ask for the details of the mineral loot carried out in the name of 5T in 24 years. The BJP will take those who have ruined Odisha in the last 24 years to task,” he added. 

“Those who have looted money from the government treasury, he may be VK Pandian or any IAS officer or any minister of the past government, should be prepared to serve prison sentences. They think resigning from politics would help them go scot-free. It won’t be like that. They ruled for 24 years and they have to furnish details of the expenditure,” the newly-elected Parliamentarian said.

No comments were received from VK Pandian.


(Reported by Dharmadutta Padhi) 

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