Vikash Sharma

Soon after senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi brought allegations of a partnership between BJD and BJP, another leader of the party Jairam Ramesh reiterated the statements and claimed that both the parties are two sides of the same coin. Ramesh also targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and alleged nexus of BJP with BJD.

“During the 1950s-60s, the public sector built our country. Steel and fertiliser factories were set up, and big dams like Hirakud dam, oil refineries and NALCO were constructed along with NTPC. All these units are now under threat as PM Narendra Modi’s vision and policy is to sell them. The Congress built the country and PM is keen on selling the country to a handful of industrialists. If he returns to power for the third time, Rourkela and NALCO will be sold off. It is only Congress which will oppose it as BJD and BJP are same,” alleged Ramesh.

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According to Ramesh, the only difference is P and D while B and J are common in BJP and BJD. “In one party, there is double ‘P’ and you know them who are running the government. One P is running the government in the name of another P,” alleged Ramesh while adding that BJD is fully supporting BJP in the Parliament.

“Whenever I go to BJD to talk with their members, they say that they have instructions from Bhubaneswar to support Modi ji. In any discussion or during the passage of any bill, the BJD has never criticisied the Modi government. There is no difference between BJP and BJD as they are two sides of the same coin. This is what our leader Rahul Gandhi said this morning,” the senior Congress leader said.

Ramesh further alleged that there is shadow boxing in which the BJP and BJD show that they are fighting in Odisha. It is the Congress that is fighting against the ideology of BJP and the RSS, he added.

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