Manoj Kumar Jena

As the historic ‘Bali Yatra’ entered its fifth day in Cuttack, a similar fair on the banks of Kuakhai River on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar is also drawing huge crowds.

This year, Bhubaneswar Bali Yatra is witnessing a huge footfall with city residents enjoying the grand fair with food and amusement rides. In the evening, the fairground is filled with thousands of people, who are coming to take home the grand experience.

From kids to elders, everyone queues up in front of the amusement ride counters to experience the thrill.

The food lovers are also having a great time at the fair as delicious foods like ‘Baripada Mansa Mudi’ and ‘Mutton Chakuli’ are satisfying their taste buds. 

Moreover, the ORMAS food stall is also in every visitor’s book for its hygienic and authentic food service. 

“I have moved to Andhra Pradesh and I am very happy to visit Bali Yatra after so many years,” said a visitor.

Another visitor said, “All the foods are really delicious and we are enjoying the variety of food available here. Besides, we are having a great time on the amusement rides.” 

Similarly, the Cuttack Bali Yatra is seeing a huge crowd as it entered its fifth day. 
As the grand fair is famous for housing beautiful handmade products, the housewives are not leaving any stone unturned to fulfil their shopping wish. 

Starting from Kashmiri Shawls to all kind of winter wears, the visitors are filling their wardrobes for winter.

“We wait for ‘Bali Yatra’ for a year and once it starts we do shopping for the rest of the year. The variety of products which are available at the Pallishree stall is really attractive and we are having a great time here,” said a visitor. 

A stall vendor said, “We have varieties of winter wears from different states. Mostly, Kashmiri products like Kashmiri shawls and sarees are in full demand.”

Like every year, the handmade products are also attracting the visitors. The dolls made from coconut shells are also turning heads of the visitors.

The cultural programme during the evening is adding glitter the maritime fest. 

It is to be noted that every year the Baji Yatra is organised on the banks of Cuttack’s Mahanadi River to commemorate the maritime history of Odisha.