Himansu Shekhar Rout

A police sub-inspector in Bhubaneswar was arrested by the Vigilance on Saturday while accepting a bribe from a person.

As per reports, a vehicle was seized along with the licence of the driver in connection with a drunken driving case. Sub-inspector of Saheednagar Police Station Priyabrat Pradhan had demanded Rs 5,000 as a bribe to release the vehicle and the license.

As per mutual understanding, the car driver agreed to pay the illegal gratification of Rs 5,000 in two instalments to obtain the seized licence and the car. 

The car driver had earlier paid Rs 3,000 to the SI but had alerted the Vigilance. 

Based on the complaint, the Vigilance officials laid a trap. When the car driver was paying the remaining Rs 2,000 to the cop on Saturday, the anti-corruption officials nabbed him.

Meanwhile, Vigilance has started raids on his house in Bhubaneswar and two other places, sources said.

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