Rashmi Rekha Das

The National Food Security Act was enacted with the aim to ensure access to an adequate and timely supply of food to beneficiaries. However, the much-touted scheme failed to serve its purpose as the beneficiaries in Bhadrak district have alleged that they are not getting foodstuff for the last three months under the scheme.

Resentment is brewing among beneficiaries of Nuagaon panchayat in Basudevpur in Bhadrak district for the district administration’s failure to distribute rice for months under the National Food Security Act.

According to sources, beneficiaries also staged a protest at the retail center seeking the intervention of the district administration in resolving the issue, but the matter is yet to be solved.

Janaki Mallick, a beneficiary, said, “We are daily wagers. Every month we get rice under the Food Security Act which helps us run our family smoothly. We are facing difficulty to get the rice on time since the last three months. Retail owner gets into argument if we ask the reason for the delay in giving rice on time. For the last four months, we have been deprived of rice.”

Rina Swain, Nuagaon sarpanch, said, “After we came to know about the irregularity, we asked the concerned authorities the reason behind not supplying rice to beneficiaries. It was then we learnt that beneficiaries were deprived of getting rice due to the death of a local dealer. However, rice was already issued for the month of August and September before his death. But beneficiaries are yet to avail rice for the month of August and September.” 

Block Supply Officer Ajay Kumar Das said, “Beneficiaries did not get rice for the month of October due to the dealer’s death. We had talked to the local sarpanch. The beneficiaries will be distributed rice soon.”