Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

In a heartwarming gesture of going beyond the call of duty, the driver and another staffer of an ambulance carried a pregnant woman for 3 km after the vehicle could not reach her village in the absence of a motorable road in Koraput district on Tuesday

As per reports, Bati Santa, a resident of Dumuriguda village under Dasmantpur block in the district, got into labour following which her family members called 108 to shift her to the nearest hospital.

Though the ambulance reached near Dumuriguda village after some time, it could not travel beyond Tamil Square due to the non-motorable road. Subsequently, the driver and another staffer walked to the village to bring the woman to the ambulance.

The staff of the ambulance carried Bati on a makeshift stretcher to the ambulance along with other family members. The woman was then shifted to Podagada Community Health Centre.

The ambulance staff earned praise from the family members of the pregnant woman and the villagers for their kind gesture.