Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Ollywood actor and BJD MP Anubhav Mohanty has once again made a humble request to his estranged wife and actress Varsha Priyadarshini to accept the divorce.

Posting a fresh video on Tuesday morning, Anubhav requested Varsha that his 'father is unwell, and at this crucial time, she should accept the divorce at least as a good friend and stop false drama'.

“Varsha Priyadarshini madam, I have shot this video only for you. I don’t have any motive to tarnish your image. It’s 5.30 am now. However, none of my family members including me are able to sleep as my father is ill,” said Anubhav in the video.

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“We will challenge the ‘historical’ decision of the Family Court. I had requested you over the social media platform to remain as good friends throughout our life as we couldn’t live as husband and wife. But you didn’t give me any answer, rather blocked my account so that I will not be able to communicate anything with you on social media platform. I request you on behalf of me and my family to accept the divorce cordially,” he added.

“You know very well that we have never lived like a couple. Please stop the false drama. My father is severely ill and he is crying. I don’t want to lose my father because of you and my marriage. I request you, your mother and two sisters with all the respect to consider my request. I also request you not to make any drama and ridicule over the video. My parents and family are everything to me,” he further added.

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Earlier, a family court had rejected the divorce petition filed by Anubhav against Varsha as the couple could not prove their allegations and counter allegations.

Anubhav said that he would challenge the decision. He also urged Varsha’s mother and her two elder sisters to consider his request.