Mrunal Manmay Dash

In an interesting turn of events, a US national can be seen selling tea at sea beach in Puri.

The American tourist named John has set up a tea stall on the sea beach to sell tea which has become quite popular among the beach-goers.

However, tea selling was not a choice for John. It is rather a compulsion. As per reports, John has been roaming around India for quite a few days. However, by the time he arrived in Puri, he had exhausted all his money.

John contacted a friend in Rajasthan who advised him to sell tea to generate some funds and continue with his journey.

He liked the idea and has been selling tea for some days.

John sells his tea from Rs 5-10 per cup.

John’s tea stall has become popular in no time and it is now a hang-out spot for many beach-goers, especially youths.

It is pertinent to mention here that the nearest US consulate to Puri is in Kolkata. In case of any kind of emergency, any foreign national can contact their nearest embassy or consulate for help.