Vikash Sharma

With grueling summer yet to peak, people in different parts of Odisha including Tangi in Cuttack and Balasore have already started facing the heat due to an acute drinking water crisis. The water crisis is assuming serious proportions at Gobindpur in Tangi block of Cuttack.

The locals alleged that the groundwater level is dropping due to rampant mining activities by Odisha Mining Corporation (OMC) at Manduka hill. Earlier, it was said that all the issues of the local residents would be resolved before the mining operations started for carrying stones for a project of Lord Jagannath. However, the problems of the locals have compounded after the mining operations in the area.

“The well has dried up and groundwater has dropped due to erratic digging of boring for mining,” said Matan Behera, a local resident.

Rabindra Sahu, another local resident said, “Owing to the mining operation, we are facing problems of water. During a public hearing, the company had told us that there would be no problems.”

As borings have been dug for the excavation activities, the locals are facing problems to get water. However, OMC officials said that water is being supplied to the locals through tankers.

OMC official, Mukteswar Pradhan said, “The complaints are vague and the people are unnecessarily creating issues for other reasons. We have already told them to supply water through tankers.”

The water situation at Ward no 9 of Balasore is causing all sorts of problems for the local residents. Though a motor pump has been installed and pipelines laid out, the residents are yet to get water. The administrative officials have been allegedly delaying the matters. As a result, it is now 4 to 5 years that the locals are forced to wait to get an uninterrupted water supply.

Though the concerned SDO refused to comment on the matter, the local councilor said that there is a proposal for two pump houses and the issue will be resolved in the next one or two months.

Sanjukta Pradhan, a local resident, “We have been waiting for water for the last three years. The meters are lying broken and even motor is failing to resolve the issue.”

Local councillor Sanjib Das said, “There are proposals for two pump houses.”

  • Reported by:
  • Prakash Nayak