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After a whirlwind of controversy following his boycott by Ollywood producers, actor Manoj Mishra took a political plunge and joined the Congress party on Saturday.

The Odia actor was in the news after the Utkal Cine Chambers of Commerce, producer Sanjay Nayak last year announced to ban him for a period of two years.

The move had subsequently sparked a political row after senior Congress leader Narasingha Mishra came out in his support and stated that the entire state of Odisha would divide into two parts if the decision to ban the actor from Ollywood was not revoked.

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After embracing Congress today, the actor said, “To earn a livelihood, I will continue to work as an actor. I have joined politics to serve people. I had not planned anything in the last six months. I had never thought of any plan after the release of Mind Game and subsequent controversies. I had expected that it would give me a scope to earn. But nothing happened like that.”

Mishra further said that gradually he started to move places in Western Odisha.

“I had no idea that people migrate to outside states and whether they return back or not. I had no idea that people vote for Rs 500 and some narcotics and 5 years remain like that for them. When I saw such things, it is a reality what is shown in cinema. Senior Congress leader Narasingha Mishra inspired me to join politics,” said Mishra.

Asked whether Congress can boost his career, Mishra said, “Labour migration problem in Western Odisha has not been resolved by those in power. I have joined Congress to serve the people and take up these issues. I want the future of people to be bright,” Mishra added.

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