Rashmi Rekha Das

The Vigilance department in Odisha arrested nearly 200 government officials and registered 285 criminal cases in the year 2022.

As per the data shared by the department, out of these 285 cases, Vigilance registered 84 disproportionate assets (DA) cases & 118 trap cases. Odisha Vigilance registered the highest number of DA cases in the country in 2022.

While reviewing the achievements 2022, Vigilance Director Y.K. Jethwa shared that the department has unearthed disproportionate assets worth Rs 174 crore and achieved highest cash seizures in its history with top four recoveries amounting to Rs 7 crore during 2022.

The Vigilance Director also informed that the Vigilance sleuths have arrested 129 persons for accepting bribes out of which 126 are government servants.  The sleuths have seized bribe money worth over Rs 36.94 lakhs from them.

Speaking to media, Jethwa said, “The anti-corruption agency has taken action against 60 Class-I officers, 53 Class-II officers, 227 Class-III employees, 7 Class-IV employees, 38 other public servants and 159 private persons during the year.  Besides, searches were carried out in over 600 locations. As many as 898 bank accounts of corrupt public servants were frozen by the Vigilance.” 

He went on to add: “The year 2022 witnessed highest bribe money seizure worth Rs 10 lakh. This again was the highest ever in the Odisha Vigilance history. Cases were registered against 60 Class-1 officers in 2022 which is again highest in last 5 years.”