Mrunal Manmay Dash

As many as eight metal ‘Nag idols’ were found from the Mahanadi riverbed near Padmabati village under Nayagarh’s Bhapur block on Sunday.

As per reports, the idols were found by the locals while bathing in the river.

It is pertinent to mention here that a 500-year-old Gopinath Temple was also discovered in the same area a few years back. Now, the recovery of Nag idols is said to be connected to either the Gopinath Temple or any other Temple submerged in the river.

“16 more temples are submerged here in Mahanadi. If the government takes over these temples and restores them, then it will turn into a tourist attraction. I request the State government to take steps in this matter,” said a local of Padmabati village.

Following the recovery, the villagers have installed the idols at the Jagannath Temple at Padmabati Baulakshetra and are worshipping them.

It is suspected that many other ancient temples are also lying hidden in the river in this area.

Recently, a round-shaped stone piece resembling a wheel was found in Khadag river near Purunasahi village under Kandhamal’s K Nuagaon block last month.

The villagers of Purunasahi believed it to be the wheel of Arjuna’s chariot driven by Lord Krishna during Mahabharat times.