Cassian Baliarsingh

There are several instances of children falling into open borewells and losing their lives. Recently, an eight-year-old boy Tanmay Sahu fell into a borewell and died after battling for life for four days in Madhya Pradesh.

The incidents seem to have great impact on three Odia engineers who have now developed a ‘Borewell Rescue Robot’ to help rescue kids who are trapped in borewells or any other dugouts/holes.

The three friends – Sisir Mallik, Biren Kumar Pradhan and Lingaraj Pradhan – are making heads turn with their unique invention and bringing laurels for Odisha at the international level. The three who are currently engaged in a company in Chhattisgarh joined hands together and developed the ‘Borewell Robotics Rescuer.’

“A lot of children have lost their lives after being trapped in borewells. Our effort is to prevent such deaths and help in the rescue with the help of robots. It takes a lot of time to rescue which leads to death of the kids. So, we thought of developing Robots that can go inside the borewells and rescue the kids in just 15-20 minutes,” said Biren Kumar Pradhan.

Similarly, Sisir Mallik said, “Most of the times, borewells are left open that claim lives of many innocent kids. Recently, we saw the news of Tanmay Sahu and that’s when the idea of this Robot came to our mind. This can go inside over 200 metre deep borewells and rescue children safely.”

The Robot is fitted with an iron frame that will be stationed at the top of the borewell while the robot will descend into the pit with the help of an iron cable. The whole descending and ascending process will be controlled by a robotic controller.

Moreover, the robot is also fitted with a camera that would capture the whole scenario with the help of waterproof lighting system. Moreover, the young engineers from Odisha’s Jeypore in Koraput district and Ganjam district have also fitted mikes and speakers in the robot to hear the voice and convey messages.

Moreover, they have fitted two fans at the lower and the upper end of the robot. The lower fan will provide oxygen to the kid inside the pit while the upper fan will blow out all the toxic gases out. The Robot has hands so that the child can hold it tightly.

The three innovative minds have developed the dummy robot with their expenditure and sought the help of the government to develop a better and sustainable product.


(Reported by T. Gouri Shankar)