Pradeep Pattanayak

A woman on Friday died by suicide after jumping into the Mahanadi River in Boudh district. The reason behind such extreme step is said to be a family dispute. 

In fact, the number of such cases of suicidal deaths is increasing. The recently released National Crime Records Bureau report also revealed startling facts about such deaths in Odisha. 

As per the report, on average 17 people are dying by suicide on a daily basis.  On average, 13.3 persons in every lakh are dying by suicide. In 2021, 5,651 people died by suicide. In 2022, the number increased to 6,140, registering a jump of 8.7 percent. What is more serious is that 65 percent or 3,990 persons were women.

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“The pressure on students to score marks should be reduced. There should be a counsellor at institutions like schools, colleges, and coaching centres. At home, parents should teach them spiritual things which will be helpful in difficult times,” said social worker, Suchismita Prusty. 

According to former police officer Sarat Sahu, "Mostly housewives, students, farmers and youths are committing suicides. The government should take steps to check such deaths.” 

In 2022, a maximum of 3,031 people died by suicide over family disputes. Similarly, financial problems, marital disputes, failure in examinations, love affairs, unemployment, extra-marital affairs, and career issues were some of the other reasons behind such deaths. 

Psychologists attributed such deaths primarily to mental pressure. 

“If someone shares his/her desire to end life, we should take it seriously. Whatever may be the problem, there is a solution. We should take him/her to a doctor and try to solve his/her problem. Then s/he may change the decision and think to live,” said  Dr Amrit Pattajoshi, a psychologist.

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