Pradeep Pattanayak

The increasing cases of murder in Odisha have become a cause of concern. Three in every 1 lakh population have been murdered in the state in a year, according to the recently released report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). 

As per the report, a total of 1,379 murder cases were registered wherein 1,402 people died. Of them, 263 were dowry-related deaths. 
What is more disturbing is that most murders are committed not by professional killers but by common people. 

In the latest incident, a man stabbed his two-year-old son and an elderly woman, who was his neighbour, to death at Gujumapadar village under Maidalpur Police limits in Nabarangpur district on December 1. The angry villagers handed him over to the police after giving him a good thrashing. Later, he succumbed while undergoing treatment. 

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These incidents are giving rise to several questions like why the trend is only increasing? Why people are losing their cool in trivial matters? 

Experts suggested that a change in people’s mindset will help curb the trend. 

“Those who are committing crimes against children generally don’t have civic sense. Instead of concealing them, if we keep reporting, one day there will be a decrease in such cases,” said Anuradha Mohanty. 

When it comes to crime against women and children, the country registered 4 percent more crime against women cases and 8.7 percent more crime against children cases in 2022 than those in 2021. While the state registered the fourth highest cases of women abuse in the country, it secures seventh position in the country in the overall crimes against women. 

In 2021, a total of 1,55,420 criminal cases were registered. And the number of such cases went up to 1,78,190 in 2022. Similarly, in 2021, the state registered 31,352 cases of crime against women. But the number decreased in 2022. It was 23,648. 

This year, as many as 7,327 molestations and 14 rape cases have so far been registered. 

The crime against children has shown the same trend. While 2021 witnessed 7,899 crimes against children, the number of such cases increased to 8,240. 

Former police officer Sharat Sahu said, “The increasing rate of crimes is worrisome. Why such cases are increasing? I would like to say political intervention has also raised the concern. The government should take steps in this regard.”

The graph of cybercrime is also showing an upward trend in the country. Compared to the cases registered last year, the cases of cybercrime, economics and corruption have increased by 24.4, 11.1 and 10.5 percent respectively. 

“Fifty percent of fraud cases are not being reported. While some hesitate to report fearing shame, some others are not reporting the involvement of a small amount. Yet some others, who reside in distant places, are reluctant to lodge complaints. Only awareness can check the cyber crimes,” said Prashant Sahu, a cyber expert.