Cassian Baliarsingh

Ailing actor Pintu Nanda, who was recently shifted to Hyderabad’s Yashoda Hospital from New Delhi’s Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS) for better treatment continues to be critical, informed fellow actor Sritam Das.

Sharing an update on Pintu Nanda’s health, veteran actor Sritam Das tweeted that his condition is not good and he needs the blessings and prayers of everyone.

Taking to his Twitter handle, Sritam Das wrote, “Pintu Nanda condition is not good. He needs blessings from everyone. Jai Jagannath.” (sic)

Along with the tweet, Das also attached a few pictures of Pintu Nanda where the ailing actor can be seen lying on the hospital bed. Das also shared the medical certificate that states Nanda has been diagnosed with 'Acute On Chronic Liver Failure.' 
Doctors in Yashoda Hospitals have advised him to undergo Liver Transplantation (Cadaver) and as per hospital authorities, the procedure will cost Rs 35,00,000.

Earlier, Pintu Nanda was shifted to Hyderabad from New Delhi due to the unavailability of donors. A family member was supposed to donate liver, but that could not materialize due to blood group mismatch and various other reasons.