Mrunal Manmay Dash

Bargarh police has initiated action in connection with the vandalism at Ambabhona Police Station by registering FIRs against the miscreants based on the CCTV footage.

As per the police, a list of names is being prepared and those involved in the incident will be arrested soon.

Speaking about the FIR, ADG (Law and Order), Sanjay Kumar said, “Work on CCTV footage has already been completed and the miscreants have been identified. District SP is already there at the police station. IG is going there today. Miscreants will be arrested based on the evidence, and no one will be spared.”

Acting on a tipoff about drug abuse at a picnic party, a team of police personnel raided the spot on Sunday, but they could not get anything to establish the allegations. Thereafter, a heated argument ensued between the youths and the police. The two sides even came closer to a confrontation, sources said.

A few minutes later, those youths allegedly came to the police station and resorted to vandalism- broke tables, chairs and window panes, and later managed to escape.

It is suspected that the vandalism was an act of retaliation for the raid on the picnic party.

Former police officer, Sharat Sahu said, “While the act of the police is questionable, because they did not have any business interrupting a picnic party, the act of the youths is deplorable. The way the youths stormed the police station and vandalised it is sad. If the youths felt any wrongdoing by the policemen, they could have complained the same to their seniors.”

“There are a lot of important documents including case records and evidence in the police station which might have got lost in the vandalism. So, this is a very serious offence and the youths will have to be prosecuted for that,” Sahu added.