Rashmi Rekha Das

A female employee of the Central Cooperative Bank in Khordha reportedly tried to commit suicide by slitting her wrist allegedly over frequent job transfers.

Rajashree Bharati, who attempted suicide, alleged that she was being tortured by her colleagues for quite some time. She accused one of her colleagues of sending questionable messages to her daughter’s cell phone and disturbing her. Today she came to know about her transfer and became upset and tried to end her life by cutting her wrist, informed sources.

Khordha Town Police rushed to the spot and rescued the woman. Police later brought her to police station for interrogation after administering first aid treatment at a hospital. 

Meanwhile, bank CEO Banashree Mallick said, “I joined the branch two months back. I don’t know the actual reason behind Rajashree’s drastic step. She has got transfer order. But she was transferred just because she wanted to go. Now, she is not interested to join there. But we cannot cancel the transfer order right away.” 

Complainant Rajashree Bharati said, “Three colleagues- Sandip Patnaik, Nihar Pradhan and Sanjay Patnaik are intentionally troubling me. Sanjay Patnaik misbehaves with me very often. Even he did not spare my daughter. He sends her cheap messages. There are many employees who have been here for 30 years. But they are not getting transfer order. However, I have got transfer orders twice in last two years.”

Reported by Balaram Lenka, OTV