Pradeep Pattanayak

The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) will no longer accept unsegregated waste, said the commissioner of the civic body, Vijay Amruta Kulange on Friday. 

The BMC is going to set up four bio-methane gas plants of 50 tonnes per day (TPD) capacity each. The pre-condition of these bio-methane plants is segregation. These plants will use the wet garbage as their raw materials. The BMC has a target to sell the bio-methane gas by converting it into CNG and the waste materials to cement plants. 

These plants will be set up in PPP mode at four locations on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar namely, Rokat, Meher Palli, Kachilaput, and Basuaghai, informed sources. 

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The BMC informed that the tender process for the plants has already started. 

Since the plants accept only wet garbage, the civic body authorities asked the city dwellers to segregate their garbage into two parts-wet and dry-before bringing them to the dedicated ‘safei gadi’ (garbage lifting vehicle). 

“We have been very serious about the solid waste management. And the government has been permitted to set up a biogas plant of 200 TPD capacity. We have already floated tenders for four plants of 50 TPD capacity each. The wet-type garbage will be processed there.  The precondition of these biogas plants is segregation. If our citizens don’t segregate their garbage, it will result in the plants’ malfunction,” said BMC Commissioner Kulange. 
“If anyone gives us unsegregated garbage, we won’t take them. All including houses, shops, restaurants, and apartments should segregate their garbage into two parts. Similarly, our trash-lifting vehicle has two compartments meant for dry and wet garbage to collect segregated garbage,” he added. 
“The Bhubaneswar people have become aware of the usefulness of segregation of garbage. They are segregating the garbage. So we are now going to set up four bio-methane plants of 50 TPD capacity each. The machine at the plant will receive only segregated garbage. The machine will throw away even a gutkha sachet,” said BMC Mayor, Sulochana Das.

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