NPA moots online training courses

Hyderabad: The city-based Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVP-NPA)-a premiere police training institution, is working on a project to establish a virtual classroom to connect all the police training centres across the country.

Apart from connecting the police training centres, SVP-NPA is also eyeing to connect all the Central Police Organisation (CPO) academies and is now working on different technological aspects (for connectivity network) in creating the most economical way of a virtual classroom, a senior NPA official said.

"The plan is to connect different training centres that would finally turn into interactive classrooms. NPA will facilitate in developing the content for online courses and even other academies can also contribute in developing online training content. We are awaiting nod for virtual classroom, which is likely to take some more time," NPA`s (Information Technology) Deputy Director Malini Agarwal told PTI.

The virtual classroom will provide a forum for real-time interaction between faculty and students through web conferencing, video conferencing and interactive classroom. "The objective is to impart lectures and have one-to-one direct interaction between trainers and learners through interactive classrooms at different police training centres and even guest lectures can be given at some of the remote areas," she said.

This, besides the virtual classroom, will enable in sharing resources to the optimum level, which will not only bring down the costs, but at the same time, help in developing uniformity in training, she added. "Each institution has a specialised activity and different training modules that could benefit learners in other academies. We want to pull the expertise and through virtual classroom, sharing of information including important events of different police training centres can be done in a better way," Agarwal pointed out.

"Depending on the costs…we are now trying different technological options with regard to connectivity network. Nothing has been finalised (on the technology). Plans are underway for the most economical way of creating a virtual classroom and we can further work out on it once the technology for connectivity is selected," another NPA official said.