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No posters hitting out at BJP leaders: Sanjay Joshi

New Delhi: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi`s bete noire Sanjay Joshi today issued an appeal that no posters hitting out at any BJP leader and depicting his photos should be put up again as it harms the party`s image. The appeal, issued on a BJP letterhead though the party maintains he has been "relieved" from the party, says such posters which depict his picture and attack a leader cannot be done by well-wishers of the party.

"Though this appears to be the job of conspirators, yet I appeal to all my well-wishers, supporters and those have sympathies for me not to put up any posters or take out any pamphlets or hold demonstrations for me", Joshi said. Recently, some posters had been put up at the BJP Headquarters here as well as in Ahmedabad which carried Joshi`s photo and targeted Modi without naming him. Such posters and pamphlets came up again at the BJP Gujarat conclave.

Modi then prevailed upon the BJP top brass to oust Joshi from the party. While the BJP said he had been relieved from the party, Joshi maintained that he had only been asked not to take up any party responsibility. Interestingly, in his appeal today, Joshi appears to be taking potshots at Modi, saying the importance of the party is way above that of a leader.

"Such activities harm the image of the party. I have always considered the responsibility of the party above myself. Such activity causes damage to the party. The importance of an individual is due to the organisation. For me the party and its ideology is above all. We are significant only as long as the BJP is there, hence we should not take any step that would harm the party", Joshi said.These appear to be aimed at Modi who has been charged by a section of the party for placing himself above the BJP.

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