A report by the intelligence agencies has revealed that Pakistan-based terrorist outfits, ISI, and their agents in India have been pressed into action to defame the country on international platforms and disrupt the G20 meeting in Jammu and Kashmir.

The agencies have made elaborate charts illustrating the detrimental effect of the propaganda being run by Pakistan ahead of the G20 meetings in the valley.

"The sentiment is highly negative because people are protesting against the G20 meeting and sharing the details on social media platforms. They are using the hashtags like #bharat_jammu_kashmir_chordo and #boycottg20," said the report.

"Pakistanis are protesting against the G20 meeting... They are using hashtags... In Hashtag Analysis many users were found who have created hashtags to protest against the Government of India," said the report of the Indian intelligence agencies.

"We have informed the government that posters have appeared in Srinagar urging the G20 countries to boycott its meeting in the territory. The posters were displayed by pro-freedom organisations, including 'Warseen-e-Shuda'.

"Pakistan-based terrorist outfits are behind it. They are trying to create a riot-like situation in the valley to demean India on international platforms," said the source.

The agencies have claimed that they have found a letter addressed to Secretary General of the United Nations Antanio Guterres, purportedly written by one Afzal Zial, in which he was projecting himself as President of Kashmir Freedom Movement. The letter demands that the United Nations take steps to prevent India from holding the G20 summit in the disputed region of Jammu & Kashmir.

Likewise, Mushaal Hussein, theChairperson of Peace and Culture Organisation, has urged the G20 countries to boycott their meeting.