Rashmi Rekha Das

These days, shopkeepers apply different techniques to woo customers. And most shopkeepers put up huge effigies in front of their shops and make them wear new designs to attract customers. 

In a bid to woo customers ahead of Diwali, a shopkeeper has installed a mannequin that closely resembles former United States President Barack Obama. The picture has become viral in social media soon after being uploaded.

The photo of the mannequin has been shared by a user named lilcosmicowgirl on Twitter. Sharing the post, the user wrote, “Obama's Diwali party outfit.” 

The photo has become talk of the town in social media.

One user has made the entire family of Barak Obama wear Indian outfits with the help of Photoshop, while another has written in a joking manner that Obama will soon enter Bollywood. Another user wrote excited for Obama’s cameo in the song ‘Dil ka Maamla hai Dilbar’.

Similarly another user added, “Welcome to Chandni Chowk”, talking about the popular locality in Delhi where these mannequins are displayed outside shops.

So far, the post has amassed more than 5,000 likes and hundreds of re-tweets since being shared.
Interestingly, many users uploaded images of Obama and his family that included Diwali greetings and wearing South Indian attire.