Mrunal Manmay Dash

In a new twist to the Tapaswini - Sumit marital discord case, husband Dr Sumit Sahu opened up on Thursday and said all allegations against him were ‘a bunch of lies’.

Releasing an audio message, Sumit said that he was under tremendous mental stress due to the allegations leveled against him by his wife Tapaswini and he was taking rest after consulting with doctors and his superior authorities.

“I am not absconding, neither have I been kidnapped. I am alone and taking rest. My higher-ups in office know about it. Allegations of kidnapping by my father is baseless and a lie,” Sahu said.

“The seven-day stay in a house did not do any good to our relationship. However, as per the court’s order, despite being unwell, I am searching for a house to stay together with her (Tapaswini),” he said.

Blaming Tapaswini for all trouble, Sahu said, “She is doing all these only to be in the limelight. She is getting publicity and sympathy from the people by portraying me and my family as evil. I have informed the Court all the sufferings that I and my family had to undergo because of her.”

Earlier, Tapaswini had alleged that her father-in-law was pressurising Sumit to stay away from her.

Tapaswini Dash on Saturday had lodged a missing complaint at Aska police station alleging that Sumit had fled from the guest house of Aska Sugar Mill where they were staying temporarily after completion of the Court ordered seven-day stay.

It is worthwhile to mention here that Tapaswini, a native of Chhatrapur in Ganjam district had hogged the limelight after staging a sit-in for 11 days in front of her husband Sumit’s house at Brahmanagar in Berhampur town under a tent. She demanded her in-laws to accept her as their daughter-in-law.

Tapaswini had claimed that she married Sumit in a court on September 7, 2020. After marriage, she even lived at Sumit’s house as his wife for six months. But, she was later driven out of the house on the pretext of conducting their marriage as per vedic tradition. She was asked to go to her parents’ place and stay there till her marriage with Sumit was not solemnised.