Rashmi Rekha Das

The second solar eclipse of 2022 will take place on October 25. It will be a partial solar eclipse and the phenomenon will start from 04.56 pm and end at 06.26 pm. 

This eclipse would be visible mainly from the parts of Europe, north-east Africa and west Asia.

The eastern metropolis, however, will be able to witness the partial solar eclipse, the second in 2022, for a very small duration. When it comes to Puri, the solar eclipse will be visible for 16 minutes and 26 seconds.

Keeping solar eclipse on Diwali in mind, the Sri Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) has rescheduled the rituals being performed in the shrine.

Dipadana, Payashraddha, Kalip Puja and Badabadua Daka rituals of the temple will be performed on October 24. 

As per the new time table, Dwara Phita ritual will be held at 12 am whereas Sakala Dhupa ritual will be held between 2am and 3am. Baladhupa rituals will be performed at 4am. Bhogamandap rituals will be carried out at 4.55am. 

Rituals like Mangala Alati will be held at 12.30 am whereas Mailama and Tadapalagi rituals will be done at 12.45 am. While Abakasha puja ritual will be done at 1.15 am, Rosa Homa rituals will be carried out at 1.15 am, SJTA sources revealed. 

After Grahana Sparsa at 4.56am, Grahana Mahasnana and Grahan Bhoga neeti will be held.

It is advised not to worship and eat twelve hours before solar eclipse which means after 4.57am on October 25 people should not eat and cook anything and do puja.

It is learnt that lunar eclipse will be taking place on Kartik Purnima Day which falls on November 8.  That’s why it is advised to float toy boats before 4:29am.