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Vikash Sharma

Smart pre-paid energy meters will be installed in different parts of Odisha, informed Speaker SN Patro following a crucial meeting of the Assembly Standing Committee of Energy Department on Tuesday.

As per reports, the consumers will get pre-paid cards to re-charge their electricity meter, like they do for mobile phone service, after exhausting the consumption limits for the paid amount. According to Patro the new system will come handy for the consumers as they monitor their power consumption and can make necessary payments as per their power consumption in advance. The system will be crucial in keeping check on incidents of power theft as well, sources said.

“Just like mobile SIM cards, the consumers will have to pay and use electricity as per the frequency of recharge,” said Patro.

Responding to media queries on irregularities in collection of electricity bills, Patro said that clear instructions have been issued to power distribution companies to ensure timely collection of outstanding bill amount.

“It has been decided not to engage agencies for collection of electricity bills. Various women Self Helf Groups (SHGs) members will be engaged for the collection of electricity bills in different parts of the State,” Patro added.

Senior officials of the Tata Power and Energy department attended the crucial meeting of the Assembly Standing Committee today. Emphasis was also given to ensure power supply to the areas facing outage problems in the State.

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