Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

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  • Search for Rs 2 old coins minted with cupro-nickel metal. 
  • Search for the coins of 1994, 1995, 1997 and 2000 series.

Are you fond of collecting Indian currencies? Do you have a good collection of old Indian coins and bank notes? You can trade the old Indian currencies and bank notes and may earn over lakhs! 

Here is a golden opportunity that may fetch you as much as Rs 5 lakh.

Numismatists collect a wide range of old items including coins and banknotes. The items may also include traditionally used Mughal coins or even coins from the British era. However, you don't need to search for such old coins from the past. Open your coin box and search for Rs 2 coins.

However, you need to meet the criteria to hit the jackpot. 

  • Search for Rs 2 old coins minted with cupro-nickel metal. 
  • Search for the coins of 1994, 1995, 1997 and 2000 series.
  • Find if the coin has an India map on its backside. 

If you are a proud owner of such coins, you may be a few steps away from hitting the jackpot and earn some quick money. 

You need to follow the steps so that you may get benefited of the golden opportunity: 

  1. Register yourself and open an account on Quikr website.
  2. Click a photo of the Rs 2 coins you own.
  3. Upload the pictures of the coins on Quikr.
  4. Update your address, mobile number and email address. 
  5. Quote a price for your item. 
  6. Interested bidders will contact you. 
  7. However, you can bargain with the purchaser and lock the final deal as suitable. 
  8. The buyer will directly contact you, hence, you can set the terms of payment and delivery.

If you are one among the lucky numismatists, you may make easy money with your old collection of coins. So, what are you waiting for? Open your box and search for a Rs 2 coin!

Check This RBI Warning 

Recently, RBI cautioned the public from falling prey to 'fictitious deals' offered by unscrupulous elements by using its name to sell or buy old coins and notes.   

"It has come to the notice of Reserve Bank of India that certain elements are fraudulently using the name/ logo of Reserve Bank of India, and seeking charges/ commission/ tax from public, in transactions related to buying and selling of old banknotes and coins through various online/ offline platforms. It is clarified that Reserve Bank of India does not deal in such matters and never seeks charges/ commissions of any sort. Reserve Bank of India has also not authorised any institution/ firm/ person etc. to collect charges/ commission on its behalf in such transactions. Reserve Bank of India advises members of public to remain cautious and not to fall prey to elements using the name of Reserve Bank of India to extract money through such fictitious/ fraudulent offers," said RBI in the warning issued on August 4, 2021