Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

The death spree of elephants in Odisha continued as another jumbo died of electrocution at Asarada forest under Hindola Range in Dhenkanal district on Wednesday.

As per reports, the pachyderm around 20 years of age met its tragic end after coming in contact with a live electric wire fence for wild boar.

Upon being informed by local people, forest officials rushed to the spot and launched an investigation into the incident.

“Some people had set up a trap with live electric wire fence for hunting wild boar. The elephant from the herd accidentally came in contact with the electric fence, leading to the death,” said an official.
With frequent deaths of elephants in almost every week, a question mark has been raised over the safety and security of the pachyderms’ population in Odisha.

As per the environmentalists and wildlife experts, the distressed elephants in the State face an uncertain and dangerous future and are almost on the brink of extinction. 

“Once the pride of Odisha, elephants now see the State as a graveyard. The nexus between the poachers and forest officials has turned the state into a graveyard for elephants.  The safety of our national heritage animal in Odisha is in peril,” said a wildlife expert.

Meanwhile, the human- elephant conflict in the State continued with a pachyderm trampling a man to death at Karnapur village under Hindola Range in the district.

The deceased has been identified as Bhramarabara Behera.

As per reports, the wild animal chased and killed Behera when he had gone to the forest to attend the call of nature.