Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

A newborn baby was found alive during the funeral ceremony at Khadikapada village in Keonjhar district on Wednesday after doctors allegedly declared the infant dead.

As per reports, a newborn baby of Raimani and Sunia Munda was declared dead by the doctors of Karanjia medical in Mayurbhanj district.

The shaken family took the baby in a bag and arranged for a funeral at their village. However, when they were about to bury the baby, the newborn was found to be breathing and crying.

Subsequently, the family members rushed to the hospital again. Tension ran high at the hospital as the villagers assembled in front of it and shouted slogans against the hospital authorities and erring doctors. They also demanded proper treatment of the baby whose health condition was critical.

“The hospital employees completed the formalities and packed the baby in a bag. We didn’t have the heart to see the baby so we took the baby to the crematorium. We had prayers and picked up the baby for burial but we found the infant alive. We came back to the hospital for treatment,” said Bela Munda, one of the relatives of the baby.

Meanwhile, the hospital authorities said an investigation into the incident will be ordered and verification of the records will be done

As per the latest report, the baby eventually died while undergoing treatment in the hospital.

(Edited by Rasmi Ranjan Mohanty)

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