Cassian Baliarsingh

In a bizarre incident, a woman from Andheri, Mumbai, spent a whopping Rs 59 lakh on black magic to get full dominance on her businessman husband. 

The matter came to the fore after the woman’s husband lodged a complaint in this connection with Powai police. Based on the complaint, police arrested an astrologer and his aide for duping the woman, under the ruse, that they would enable her to get full control over her husband. 

According to sources, the 39-year-old businessman lived with his wife and two children in Andheri East. He manages an industrial unit in the Andheri MIDC.

However, his wife allegedly had an affair with another man identified as Paresh Gada. With time, the businessman found out about it, but the matter was solved amicably after the wife promised to end the affair.

However, she feared that her husband might leave her as there were regular fights between the couple after he discovered her affair. So, she decided to do black magic on him and take him under her own control. 

According to Hindustan Times, the businessman had kept over 35 lakh in cash in a cabinet at his house to give Diwali bonus to his workers. The wife cunningly used all the money along with her gold ornaments and contacted the astrologer to perform black magic. 

The businessman learnt about the misdeeds after he found the money missing and questioned his wife. Later, she admitted that she was afraid that he would divorce her and spent all the money on the astrologer.

Police learnt that the astrologer had taken a large sum of money from her apart from all her jewellery amounting to Rs 59-60 lakh. Further investigation into the case is on, police said.