Cassian Baliarsingh

In view of the Durga Puja celebrations, Bhubaneswar DCP Prateek Singh on Saturday released a video issuing necessary advisory for the people of the Twin City.

The DCP’s advisory came amid the rise in criminal activities like snatching, house robbery and bike thefts in the festive season. 

In the 1:11-minute long video, the DCP stressed on many important guidelines for the common people and advised to follow it diligently.
Here’s a list of his instructions: 

* Whenever you go outside your house, be it to the market or any Puja Pandals, ensure that you inform it to somebody.

* If you are going out of station for long, please alert the cops and take necessary permission to avoid house burglary.

* If you are going out for some work, use a two-wheeler during this festive season. 

* Taking advantage of the crowd during festive season, many bike looters are on the prowl. So, use double lock while you park your two-wheeler. 

* Never, even by mistake leave important documents or cash inside your bike ‘dickey’. 

* Moreover, when you are in a crowd or inside a puja pandal, ensure that you are attentive about your own belongings and keep it safely. 

* If you find anyone roaming around suspiciously or spot any suspicious thing, dial 112 and inform the police. 

& Stay Alert, Stay Safe. 

"On behalf of Bhubaneswar police, I extend best wishes for Durga Puja," the DCP concluded.


Earlier, the DCP had issued strict guidelines to bands/DJs, music parties and organisers of Durga Puja over the use of loudspeakers during Durga Puja this year.

In its guidelines, he had advised all band/DJ and musical parties to install sound limiters to amplifiers and other musical instruments with fixed output of 65 decibel.

He had stated that provisions of Noise Pollution (Regulation & Control) Rules, 2000 and the Supreme Court order, restricting sound output of loudspeakers to the extent of 65 decibel shall be strictly followed.