Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

There is no dearth of innovative minds and talent in Odisha. A youth from Pratap Nagari area in Cuttack has proved it by developing a sports car with local resources.

Sushant Rout, who is a Plus 3 Commerce student, took nearly six months to develop the stylish vehicle by using the engine of an old bike and scrap materials.

Rout has not done any motor mechanical course but his interest and skill in the trade helped him develop the vehicle.

“I always think about innovations in life. I am inspired to develop this car by watching videos on different sports cars on YouTube,” said Rout.

As per reports, Rout’s father had an old bike. When he wanted to sell the bike, Rout forbade him and evinced interest to develop a sports vehicle by using the engine. Then he watched different videos and collected spare parts to design the vehicle.

“Initially, the vehicle had no back gear. But, I continued my research and eventually put the back gear facility on my sports bike,” said Rout.

This innovation by Rout has been immensely praised. “People from all walks of life have congratulated me for developing the vehicle. I am bolstered by this little feat which will inspire me to undertake further innovations in future,” he said.

(Edited by Pradeep Singh)

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