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Clothes are not just something worn by humans to protect their bodies but also to beautify their appearance. With emerging clothing trends, people are willing to wear anything that makes them look more appealing even if at the cost of compromising comfort. 

But the question here is not just of comfort but health in general. Tight clothes definitely enhance the tone of the body and make one look confident and attractive to the opposite sex but unfortunately, behind all positive aspects, they also pose some serious threats to your health. These include:

Circulatory Problems:

Wearing clothes that are too tight can cause a blockage in blood circulation resulting in inflammation and development of disorders like varicose veins and spider veins in women. Moreover, when your clothes are too tight, especially around the legs and waist, your heart has to work harder to help the blood to return and this can also make you feel tired and fatigued.

Respiratory Problems:

The pressure that tight clothes put on your respiratory system, and your diaphragm’s ability to expel carbon dioxide is hampered. And when the gas exchange in the chest area is not performed efficiently, it can build up and accelerate the oxidation of your cells, which can result in premature ageing.

Slow Digestion:

When your pants, skirt, or belt squeezes your belly too much, it doesn’t allow your abdominal area to expand, making your stomach work more slowly and taking it longer to digest food. This further results in abdominal pain, along with distension and constipation.

Causes genital infection and irritation:

As tight clothing increases temperature and humidity, it promotes the appearance of fungi and bacteria in the genital area. This can further lead to problems like yeast infections and cause bad odours and itching leading to a lot of irritation.

Skin problems:

Though it's quite rare, some skin issues have to do with wearing tight clothes made of non-breathable material. Poor cellular oxygenation coupled with moisture and sweat retention causes redness, itchiness, and even ingrown hairs.

So, after you know about the harmful effects of clothing, it’s time to put away those tight jeans or skirts and opt for something breathable and comfortable.