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From reducing stress to helping one concentrate better and stay more focused, meditation on a daily basis is unmatched when it comes to benefits. These advantages accrue for a lifetime - provided you practice meditating on a daily basis.

1. Meditation Reduces Stress

Stress and anxiety can be significantly reduced with meditation. The practice of mindfulness and zen-type meditation for three months reduces stress significantly. A study has also found that meditation reduces brain density associated with anxiety and worrying. Meditation can be the answer to your stress levels.

2. Improves Focus

You can improve your cognition and focus ability by practising meditation. Researchers studied various types of meditation, including Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana and Tibetan Buddhist Meditation and found that all of them improve focus to varying degrees.

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3. Improves Memory

Meditation helps improve memory and helps you retain and consolidate new information more easily. It can not only be beneficial in your day-to-day life but also can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease - as it affects areas related to attention span. 

4. Overcome Addictions

The beauty of meditation is that it can help people overcome powerful addictions. It has been shown that Vipassana meditation can be extremely effective in helping people overcome alcoholism and drug dependency. 

5. Enhances Immune System

You might be surprised to learn that multiple forms of meditation such as mindfulness and yoga can strengthen the human immune system and make you more resistant to viruses and infections.

6. Improves Decision Making Ability 

The reason high-powered executives meditate is to improve their performance. A number of studies have found that transcendental meditation can help you make better decisions by improving the brain's decision-making functions. If you are interested in cultivating your inner executive, consider meditation.

7. Increases Empathy

Compassion Meditation also called Metta is a compassion-based meditation that enhances brain regions associated with mental processing and empathy. It also improves your sense of social connectedness.

Meditating daily will help you live a more productive, peaceful and healthier life. Try out!