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Makeup removal isn't the most fun part of your beauty routine, especially when it's late and you're tired, but do it right and be glad to see your skin fresh and supple the next morning. Improper makeup removal is one of the worst things you can do to your face. It can cause aging and acne. Here are five products which are good for the skin while removing makeup, with tips on how to remove it correctly.

Use Baby Oil Or Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oils contain surface active agents, which can easily remove thick layers of oil-based makeup and sunscreens. It hydrates the skin while removing makeup. If you don't have cleansing oil, you can always substitute it with baby oil instead. Take the oil on a cotton pad and gently cleanse the face. and rinse. Remember to hydrate the skin with a mild moisturizer. 

Cleansing Balm

A cleansing balm is a multipurpose skincare product that helps remove makeup from the face and moisturizes the skin too. First of all, the balm should be rubbed between your palms and then gently spread on the face in circular motions. The balm helps remove dryness of the skin as well. Wash off excess with a mild face wash.

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Cold Cream

If you don't have a makeup remover, use any cold cream instead. The cream removes makeup as it dissolves into the skin and moisturizes your face. Cold cream should be applied to the face and then cleaned with a tissue or cotton pad. Wash your face with water. 

Makeup Remover Wipes

Special makeup remover wipes are available in the market. They are single-use and are a great alternative to creams and lotions. These wipes are infused with micellar water, aloe vera, and other natural oils which are great for the face. However, remember to buy alcohol-free wipes which do not dry the face.

Micellar Water

Micellar water looks like water but has different properties. Its ingredients remove oil and dirt from the skin. It tones your skin and removes makeup simultaneously. You can always opt for this product if you don’t wish to apply creams and oils to your face to remove makeup. 

Tips To Do It Right:

Cleanse Your Face From Hairline Onwards

Push your hair back, tie it up with a band and start cleaning the face from top down. First the forehead, then the eyes and cheeks, followed by the nose, mouth, around the lips, lips and then the neck. Once the face is completely clean, remember to massage for a minute or two in gentle, circular motion to relax the muscles completely.   

Do Not Rush 

Remember removing makeup is a hassle but leaving residue on the face is worse.

Soap And Water Is Fine, Wipes Aren’t Enough

If you prefer to avoid creams and oils at night then washing off your makeup with soap and water is great. But merely wiping the face with wipes isn’t enough. Remember to hydrate your skin with rosewater afterwards. 

Clean The Edges Of Your Eyes

Don’t ignore this tip. When removing mascara or liner off the eyelids, do it gently. Let in the cream/oil soak into the skin before you wipe it off. Do it in the direction of the eye lash. Don’t tug at the dry mascara, as it can hurt the lashes.

Remember to change your face towel every two days because pollutants and bacteria can accumulate quickly. Make sure you are following these tips while removing makeup and over time your skin will thank you for taking care of it.