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There are numerous things that makeup can do. Your appearance can be modified. You can use it to explore with a fresh look or cover up flaws. But most days we don’t have the time to create that perfect look. Yet, we all need a routine to look fantastic while still using fewer products and in double quick time. Here’s good news. The simple makeup routine is now available at our fingertips. You can simply improve your appearance and establish a reliable regimen that will make you seem good all the time by following just three simple steps.


Applying foundation is necessary to make the face uniform and to cover the spots and pits on the face. This not only helps to highlight the face but also makes it look fresh. So take a matte finish liquid foundation and apply it evenly all over the face and neck. A good coat of this foundation under the eyes and on the neck will make the face look great.

Kajal and liner pencil

We all use Kajal to highlight our eyes. Currently, there are many pencils available in the market that can be used to apply Kajal and do the job of a liner with a single pencil. This helps to highlight our eyes. Try different coloured eyeliners if you like matching your eyes to your outfits. If your eyebrows are pale, a black pencil can be lightly moved over the brows to help make the eyes stand out.


Lipstick is that essential make-up accessory that one just cannot do without. Choose a matte, or nude coloured lipstick for the day and while you’re at work and a glossy shade for the evenings - one that matches your outfit. You could dab a bit of the shade onto the cheekbones to highlight them, or use it as an eyeshadow to create a dramatic look.

These are the three essential items in your makeup kit that will ensure you look your best - even when there is little time on hand.