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Vikash Sharma

People across India are all set to celebrate Makar Sankranti (on January 14) amid the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. The festival marks the end of winter. Apart from different traditions across the country, Makar Sankranti also assumes significance as far as Vedic astrology is concerned owing to certain changes in the planetary positions or alignments.

As per Vedic astrology, Sun enters the house of Saturn (Capricorn or Makar) on Makar Sankranti. The Sun will remain in Capricorn for a month. While the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn every year on the day of Makar Sankranti, but it rarely encounters its son Shani.

Due to such planetary alignment, relationships normally see a lot of ups and downs and some suffer more than other zodiac signs. Many say that it is almost after a gap of many years that Sun and Saturn will come together in Capricorn which is now taking place on Makar Sankranti.

Jyotish Maharshi Mrs Minati Purohit brings you a comprehensive analysis of what all the 12 zodiac signs can expect or will witness during this Sun-Saturn conjunction.


You will emerge victorious in work and you can fulfil your ambitions. You will get recognition and overall life will be luxurious. Those in business and other professions will see gains as well as promotions. However, you need to be careful in work and with words as it may have adverse impact.


Loss may occur during this phase. One can expect sudden rise in enemies. Possibilities of enmity with someone elder at home and outside. Conflicts may arise with close relations. The overall finances will be on downside and health may also get affected. Gemini: Those married have to take care of their spouses. You may be dissatisfied or get displeasure/ hurt from superior/seniors. There will be some rise in depression along with unhappiness in conjugal life.


Unnecessary travel will occur in life. One can expect some disturbances as far as health is concerned as stomach and urinary infections may crop up. There will be financial, mental disturbances and some unhappiness in married life.


Overall health will be good. One can expect victory over enemies. Happiness and peace of mind will grow. There will be success in work and enhancement in understanding. One can expect financial benefit or gains.


There will mental disturbance as some health issues will increase. Take good care of own and health of children. Those in jobs or government related work may remain worried or dissatisfied during this phase.


One can expect some unhappiness owing to some issues at the family front. Health may be affected and there will be rise in debts. Be careful as unnecessary quarrels may arise in family as well as among relatives.


Happiness will double, improvement in business, career and jobs on the cards. Health will be in good condition. Family life will be smooth and relations will improve with family members, relatives and friends.


There will be loss of money and anxiety will grow. Some differences with family and friends might be experienced. Health will be affected and some may experience problems in the eye.


There will be loss of money. Health issues like increase in blood pressure, stomach ailments, chest pain may crop up. There might be some change of place. Unnecessary travel and other issues may cause some irritation or upset you.


Loss of wealth, ill health and anxiety will grow. There might be some problems of the eye, but everything will settle down over a period of time.


One can expect new position (promotion) and growth in name and fame. One can expect sudden gain of wealth. Success and prosperity will improve. Happiness will prevail at the family front. Health condition will be at the best.

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