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There are several places in India where paranormal activity has been reported, linking the place to a horrific past or unexplainable phenomena. They span from unusual locations such as empty villages to abandoned forts and bird suicides. Read on and discover your favourite.

1. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Located in the Alwar region of Rajasthan, Bhangarh Fort is a cursed place. One of the stories of it being haunted is, that a tantric was bewitched by the Princess of Bhangarh, Ratnavati. However, knowing that she could not belong to him rightfully he gave her a love potion in order to cast a spell, but she sensed something amiss and flung the bottle on a rock. The tantric is said to have been crushed by the rock but before it befell him, he cursed the princess and her kingdom. Today, it is said that the spirits of the residents of Bhangarh reside there. The Archeological Survey of India has forbidden visits to the fort after dusk as paranormal activities and the disappearance of tourists have been reported. Bhangarh is also regarded as one of the most haunted places in the world. 

2. Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan

Rajasthan has the choicest destinations when it comes to spooky stories. Kuldhara Village, located near Jaisalmer is one such. Originally inhabited by Paliwal Brahmins, the village emptied out overnight. Legend has it that the Diwan of Jaisalmer came to collect tax from the villagers once, and fell in love with the daughter of the headman. He wanted to marry the girl, failing which he threatened to levy more taxes. To protect the girl, that night, the villagers of Kuldhara and 83 other nearby villages disappeared en masse - leaving no trace behind. Where did they all go? It is said that the villagers cursed the land for eternity and thus, it remains unoccupied and haunted ever since.

3. Agrasen ki Baoli, New Delhi

A unique architectural masterpiece in the heart of India’s capital Delhi, Agrasen ki Baoli (Baoli is a well) is considered to lure the unsuspecting into being hypnotized to drink its ‘black water’ and commit suicide thereafter. Though no recent cases have been reported, visitors to the Baoli have felt the ‘heaviness’ of dread and a sense of foreboding in the Baoli. It is believed to be haunted by ghosts who shadow visitors.

4. Dow Hill, Kurseong, West Bengal

You may have heard of a house or a fort being haunted but have you ever heard of an entire hill station being haunted? We thought not. But it’s true. The picturesque Dow Hill in Kurseong, West Bengal is the hill station in point. In particular, it’s on the road between Dow Hill Girls Boarding School and Forest Office, that a chilling apparition of a headless boy has often been spotted. The locals avoid the stretch even in broad daylight. Not only that, Kurseong is home to other ghost stories - like a haunted school and visitors being watched from the shadows of the forest.

5. Jatinga or Valley of Death, Assam

Jatinga Village in Assam is also called the Valley of Death, for its mass bird suicides in the months of September and October. The small village with a population of only 2500 or so, is witness to a strange phenomenon that recurs annually. Local and migratory birds descend on the village after dusk, flying full speed to crash themselves into walls of houses, trees, and buildings plummeting to their instant deaths. 

If you are up for it, visit these places and return to regale your friends and family with your own experiences of the ghostly kind.