Anirbaan Hritiq

Love is undeniably the most beautiful experience of life. With the touch of love, the world suddenly becomes rosy and more charming than it used to be. Despite all mesmerising aspects, love is also the most difficult journey of human life. 

There is a thin line between being in love and being attracted to someone. The relationships based on attraction may have a resemblance to love but certainly won’t carry the fundamental features such as sacrifice, loyalty, trust, and dedication.  

Here are the 5 features, which will help you identify your true soul-mate:

1. Presents his/her true self:

It is quite rare to find such people who would frankly share everything about themselves in detail. A true soul-mate will keep no barriers or curtains in between, and will always present their true self without any fabrication of facts and events of their life.

2. Always a doer: 

A person who is in love will go up to any extent to prove his or her love without any excuses. A true partner is someone who believes in doing every possible chore to make the relationship a better one.

3. Values your feelings:

Love is all about priorities, one who is in love cannot live an individualistic life. Mutual understanding of each-others feelings, emotions, thought processes, likes and dislikes are highly essential elements of a real companion for life. One who loves you will always value your feelings and give them priority over others.

4. Takes risks for you:

Well taking risks doesn’t mean what’s being projected in movies, where the hero goes up to any extent fighting against villains. But, in simple terms, a partner makes out-of-the-box attempts to make your relationship work. As mentioned earlier, the path of love is full of difficulties, and it requires sheer dedication and effort to make your relationship work.

5. Accepts you as you are:

Yes, last but not the least 'acceptance' is the most crucial aspect of any relationship. Your true ones will accept you in the way you are irrespective of physical features, academic qualifications, social status, materialistic possessions or financial strength. 

If your partner accepts you in all phases of your life, he/she is the real one and we can say 'you are that lucky one in the world'.