Sangati Jogwar

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  • Are you planning to get back with your ex-girlfriend?
  • Check out these 5 things first before getting back with your ex!

Getting over a breakup is very difficult. But it is more difficult when you want to re-enter that relationship again and give your ex-girlfriend a second chance. Despite the fact that she continues to attract you and has a hold on you, a man should think twice before giving his ex another chance.

And if you are indeed hell-bent on taking that risk, here are the 5 things that you need to check before starting the relationship afresh.

Why did you split?

Couples split for various reasons. Some of them are quite silly, some due to misunderstandings created by others, and some because of fewer compatibility or trust issues. If it is a serious issue that made you split earlier then before taking a second chance with the same person you need to evaluate whether that issue has been resolved or not. Nevertheless, if you continue to have trust issues or differences sorting them first can be the best thing to do.

She wants you back; why?

If she was the one or the reason for the breakup, what has suddenly changed for her to want you back? You need to think about this! And if you were the one to take the final decision, even then you should think about whether you really want to give in or not. Check out why she wants you to be back in her life! It can be a stressful career, a financial crisis, or even a failed relationship.

Have you moved on?

Every breakup has a hangover but you move on in life. So when your ex-girlfriend requests a reconciliation you need to ask a few questions to yourself. Are you still in love with that girl or have you moved on? Do you still miss her or do not have any emotions for her? The answer to these questions can be crucial in deciding whether you need to take that offer or not.

Did you break up because of trust issues?

If infidelity or cheating was the reason you broke up last time, it is important all those issues are sorted. In case you still do not have much faith in your ex-girlfriend, it is better to drop the idea of getting back again.

How did she react to breaking up?

Was she bitter after you broke up earlier? If she was happy to part ways earlier, you need to find out the exact reason why she wants to get back. Did she move on with someone else in between or just sulked and missed you during this time? All these questions need to be checked before thinking of giving another chance to your ex-girlfriend.