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Whether it is with so many advancements made in the cosmetics industry, it takes quite a bit of time to apply eyeliner correctly. Getting the fluttering winged eye to look perfect requires you to get over the chaos that it entails. Here are some of the best eyeliner techniques if you're still having trouble creating flawlessly winged or cat eyes. Your ability to apply eyeliner will be transformed by these tips while improving your entire look.

The Perfect Balance

Your shaky hands can prevent the eyeliner from properly lining your eyes. Here is the trick you must use in these circumstances. Put your elbow down first and choose a spot. Afterwards, place your pinky finger on your cheekbone. Try drawing the liner now to get rid of your shaky, angular hands while applying it.

Warm Your Pencil Liner

Applying eyeliner using pencils is the most cost-effective option, but they can dry up and frequently scratch the skin when they do, making the process utterly painful. It will help you obtain a regulated texture if you warm it up with a hair dryer before using it.

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Getting The Perfect Straight Line

You may already be aware of the many uses of a business card as a beauty tool, but did you realise how it may improve your eyeliner skills? When applying eyeliner, it's very hard to get a precisely straight line, but you can use a business card or scotch tape. Even better, if you want to improve your cat eye appearance with winged eyeliner, this is the best choice.

Improve The Ragged Edges

This tip is perfect for straightening up lines that aren't crisp if you have difficulty getting them. To firmly define your line, first, define the bottom of the rough line using a cotton bud that has been dipped in petroleum jelly or an oil-based remover. 

Getting The Natural Look

Are you annoyed that you can never manage to get a natural-looking eyeliner application? In any case, when you apply it, be sure to place it between your lashes rather than directly on the lash line.

There are many tricks you may use to apply eyeliner, but these are some of the best ones available that will advance your makeup abilities. Makeup may completely change your appearance and give you the confidence you need to get through the day.