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Highlighters are used to contour various facial features and brighten the key areas of your face. But knowing where to apply highlighter can be challenging.

Here Are The 5 Best Facial Areas To Apply Highlighter For The Most Radiant Finish:

Brow Bone:

properly brushed and shaped brows look simply stunning. And a tiny bit of highlighter applied strategically on the brow bone can boost your brow game. While emphasising your brow bone by adding definition and depth, it will also make your eyes look brighter and more youthful.

Cheek Bones:

Highlighting the cheeks is a great way to draw attention to your bone structure because it is where your face naturally glows. Draw two "C" shapes facing inward to form a parenthesis on the apples of your cheeks to frame your eyes.

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Inner Corner Of The Eyes:

The most attention-seeking part of the face is an easy spot to garner focus. Applying a light-colored, shimmery highlighter with a tiny brush into the inner corner can rapidly brighten the area around the eyes, giving them a larger, rested appearance.

Cupid's Bow:

Make your lips stand out by applying a small quantity of highlighter in the cupid's bow (a tiny dip above the upper lip), in a V-shape, or just following the upper lip lining.

A Tip Of The Nose:

Bring your nose into attention. The tip of your nose stands the highest on your face, and illuminating it would bring more focus to you! Draw a thin line from the tip of your nose all the way down. But make sure it isn't too thick.

The finishing touch to every stunning makeup look is highlighter. So, get a flawless glow by applying highlighter on your cheekbones, beneath your brows, in the inner corners of your eyes, and above the cupid's bow to draw attention that naturally catches the light and accentuate your features. Avoid blending or dusting highlighter across your entire face.