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Diwali is fun. Excitement is in the air and the atmosphere is infectious. Each year, the markets are flooded with newer ideas on how to decorate your home for the biggest Indian festival. Mentioned below is a list of simple DIY ideas which promise to make your festival extra-special. 

1. Hanging lanterns

You can go with the idea of hanging lanterns to decorate your living space as well as your balcony. You will need some mason jars which you will have to fill with tea-lights. Once done, hang them from the ceiling of your living room or balcony. This hanging lantern will surely add a sparkling touch. Also, buying some colourful lanterns will enhance your home a bit more. 

2. Floating candles

The centre table in your living room will look dreamy with floating candles. You just need a fish bowl or an antique brass bowl. Pour some water, and put floating candles shaped like roses, marigolds or other flowers into the bowl. The arrangement lights up the space magically.

3. Corner wall rangoli

Diwali decoration is incomplete without rangoli. Everyone decorates their home with rangoli but you can do it differently. Make the rangoli in a triangular shape (instead of the usual round shape), using the corners as backdrop. It is a unique idea, and will look amazing, depending on the designs you choose. Once the rangoli is made, add some diyas, flower petals or a small ganpati to enhance the rangoli.

4. Decorate tables with diyas and candles

If you are hosting a Diwali party and expecting guests, you can go with this idea of decorating your dining table with small diyas as centrepieces. Or you can put tea lights near dinner plates and dim the lights in the rest of the room so it gives a candlelight dinner feel. 

5. Decorate your windows with fairy lights

This Diwali, buy long fairy lights to add a new dimension to your home. Fairy lights or string lights can be used to decorate your pooja room, empty walls or bedroom. You might also want to put them up along the window frames. This will add a lot of style and creativity to your home.

These ideas are unusual as well as inexpensive. They will surely give your home a festive look which is different from others’ houses. Try them out, it will be fun.