Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • The lip balm contains moisturizing ingredients like glycerine and shea butter that heal the cracks in lips.
  • Lip balm with higher SPF is especially good for use during summer.

As the weather changes, the hair tends to become sticky, and lips start cracking. This is the time when you must know whether you should apply lip balm to heal your lips or use lip gloss to make them appear beautiful.

Unfortunately, many girls who have been using cosmetics and both lip gloss and balm for a long time are completely unaware as to when you should use what and what is the difference between both.

Lip balm

Our lips naturally produce oils that protect them from the outside environment. But when the weather is dry, the oils fail to offer adequate protection and your lips start getting cracks and lose colour. That is why you need to cover your lips with moisture so that the dryness is eliminated and the lips remain moist throughout the day. Importantly, a good quality lip balm also heals the cracks and gives them an even and supple texture.

A high-quality lip balm uses natural ingredients like shea butter, natural oils, and glycerine. Nowadays, lip balms also contain SPF and a few even have anti-aging components along with antioxidants. During summer pick up a lip balm with SPF above 30 while in cooler seasons you can choose a lip balm with a lower SPF but better moisturizing ingredients.

Lip gloss

Lip gloss adds glamour and more shine to your lips. They make your face look brighter and are certainly apt for occasions when you wish to outshine others or look your best in photographs. But do they serve any other purpose? Apart from highlighting your lip colour, the gloss does not have any other use.

Contrarily, the gloss has a tendency to dry up quickly and even dry your lips. Hence make sure that you avoid dried or expired lip gloss or it can cause cracks in your lips.

Which is better- Lip balm or lip gloss?

Obviously, with all its benefits lip balm is better. But that does not mean you should altogether stop using lip gloss. To ensure that your lips are protected use lip balm first and highlight the beauty of your lips by adding a layer of lip gloss which can serve both the purpose