Sangati Jogwar

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  • Dating for the first time can be very exciting.
  • Here are a few tips that you must avoid to make your first date more romantic.

Dating is one of the most beautiful parts of young life. Once you are in your teens, the first thing a young boy or a girl looks forward to is dating someone of his/her choice and enjoying the first frivolous romantic moments.

These earlier dating days remain forever etched in your mind and continue to give you goosebumps even after you have experienced several flings or affairs or even committed to someone. But to ensure that your first date is quite memorable and romantic, you must avoid these following things mentioned below:

Take your date to a familiar place/restaurant

Young girls and boys are quite eager to impress their date for the first time, so due to excitement many try something new or a fancy menu. But a slight slip like mispronouncing a dish can lead to an oops moment. So, instead of being adventurous, taking your date to a familiar place or restaurant can ensure that you are comfortable, at ease, and can give full attention to the person sitting opposite you.

Play it cool even if you know a thing or two about her/him

It is normal nowadays to stalk the FB page of someone you are interested in and try to get as much information as possible before actually asking him/her for a date. But even then when you actually meet that person, try to play it cool instead of blurting out that you already know all these things about her/him from the social media pages. It may sound very blunt.

Ditch that phone; focus more on your date

Mobile phones have been a big nuisance in relationships. So when you are on your first date, make sure that you focus on your date instead of being busy on mobile phones. That can surely make your date a big flop.

Treat differences of opinion in a lighter way

Despite your keen interest in each other, when two people meet, there is always a chance of difference in opinion. Even if you do not agree from the start, make sure that you divert the conversation towards a lighter topic instead of fighting on your first date.

Avoid work talk... talk about dating

Nowadays, both girls and boys are into building a strong career. And eventually, if your relationship proceeds further, you will have to discuss professional things. But on the first date, avoid all that work talk and instead try to know that person better and see if you have a second chance with that person or not.