Poonam Singh

“Men are from Mars and women are from Venus,” is a popular saying which signifies how different men and women are from their approach, thinking process, communication process and the list goes on. It is obvious that women are going to hate something or the other in men, and vice versa. And let's be honest, men do a lot of things knowingly or unknowingly that piss off women.

Here are 10 such things that are found to be hated most by women about men:

When guys don't notice something new

Nothing is more annoying than your guy not noticing your new outfit, haircut, or new lipstick. Women really get frustrated when men don’t notice the small things and compliment them.

Not paying attention to her while she’s talking

When a woman is talking, she needs all of your attention. So, guys don’t think it is okay to stare at someone or something else when they (women) are talking. As it translates that either you’re checking out someone else or that something is more important than what she’s saying.

Trying to control Her

Girls hate when a boy tries to control her life, her friends, her career, and her decisions. Being protective and trying to control them are two different things. So, be sensitive as it can be a deal breaker, so don’t overdo it.


Lying is one of the most turn-offs for a girl. Lying makes them (women) feel like the man doesn't trust them. So, try to be honest and keep no secrets.

Men with no motivation

Women hate men that are immature and have no desire to succeed. Not having the motivation or willingness to start something new irrespective of whether being successful or not is something that women hate.

Not Wanting to Have Fun

Girls want to go out, explore and have a good time always. Don't try to prevent that or put off it as she’ll find always someone else to do it with. So, don’t blame her then.

Not giving her space

Being clingy is something that makes girls hate. They love the attention but not the excessive possessiveness.

Not sharing your feelings with her

If you don’t express yourself, how will they (women) know your inner feelings. Women really value a man who is not afraid to talk about how he feels and expresses himself without any inhibitions.

Being addicted to video games or phones

No girl likes a guy who neglects her for a video game controller or phone. So, give all the attention when you are with them because your game and phone can wait for you but the girl might not.

Still connect with your ex

A woman hates it when her boyfriend or husband keeps in touch with his ex irrespective of how secure and confident she is about herself and the relationship. She is bound to feel jealous. So, avoid being in contact with your ex if you don’t want your woman to feel that you are giving less importance to her and her feelings.

It should be noted here that not all women hate the same things, and not all men do the things mentioned above. It can vary from person to person based on their personalities and situations.