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Most people associate luxury with expensive goods and extravagant lifestyles. However, the reality is that there are numerous ways to live a lavish life without breaking the bank. People frequently assume that upgrading our homes will set us back where wealth is concerned, yet we fail to realise that the majority of the stuff we need is already around. Learn these six simple tips for making your home look like it's worth a thousand dollars.

Feature Wall

Want to spice up the atmosphere in your room without breaking the bank? A feature wall is an easy way to add a striking focal point to a space. Choose bold contrasting colours that will instantly add drama and depth to a room that is already neutral in colour. Try a complementary colour on the feature wall that is a few shades darker or lighter if your walls are already painted a bright colour. This is an ideal method to break up the pattern of a typical monochromatic room. The wall in your room that is farthest from the entrance should catch attention right away and avoid the walls with doors or windows.

Impactful Ceilings

Why do walls receive so much love.. when impactful and coloured ceilings are the modern trend. The unique final touch gives the room a more polished appearance. There are a variety of techniques you may use to make a ceiling stand out and attract the attention upward, from making fake mouldings to highlighting exposed beams. Use strong colours like royal blue, purple or accents of colours. Why end up leaving the ceiling so uninteresting and dull, when lavish designs are multiple?

Pearl String Curtain Tieback

Give your windows a dreamy, graceful and romantic makeover! Tie up your drapes with a string of faux pearls to create a classy and sophisticated necklace around the curtain waist. This pearl-tied, embellished elegant curtain holder is like a classy choker for your curtains and is great for showcasing and improving your curtains. Curtain tiebacks are simple to hang and will hold your curtains back in a clean manner, enabling natural light to enter your room. They are also good to brag about to your guests.

A Location for Indoor Plants

Always welcome greens happily and with open arms! A houseplant can breathe life into any room in the house. The indoor plants may provide the perfect amount of magic since they are organic and free-form yet clean and sculptural; they surprise with their unpredictability yet comfort with their constant presence. Put them on a table or subsequently transfer them to a window sill, they look lovely on any wall in your entryway or to make that living room corner cosy. 

Embrace Closet Doors with Frameless Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to make a small space appear larger. You may give your room depth and make it appear lighter and bigger by engaging mirrors on the closet doors instead of just a door. It is a great idea to use the closet door as the mirrored surface. Since the outside of a closet door is typically not utilised for anything else, you won't be abandoning any useful wall space. You can also use the mirror in place of the closet doors, which are frequently placed in the middle of a dressing room wall as it will distribute light more evenly.

Hide Unkempt Wires Ingeniously

Cluttered wires are unsightly. Thus, the question arises: how many wires on tables and wall surfaces can be concealed without detracting from their aesthetic appeal? Cables and wires on consoles and shelves can be readily hidden by arranging books in a clever way. Decorate the space surrounding wall plugs with beautiful vases or paintings. Use a curtain rod as a pipe against the wall to conceal the wire mess around your TV area or workstation or place them inside a box. 

You'll be surprised at how these simple and inexpensive actions can dramatically improve the appearance of your home or your office by making it more clean and organised.