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In today's world, there are certain accessories that every man should have in his closet, but these items are often forgotten. There is a tendency for men's accessories to be overlooked and seen as fashion rather than function. The right accessories can enhance your own personal style along with proving to you how important they are. Let's take a look at the must-haves that you should have in your closet. 

Dopp Kit / Pouch For Essentials 
It's the perfect item for your weekend bag. It doesn't matter if you're travelling or going to the gym, a Dopp kit keeps your grooming products organised and contained in a single place ensuring that nothing of daily use - like a razor, a comb, toothbrush or even your favourite cologne is there.

Men should always have their own wallets. Leather wallets last a long time, and if you don't want bulky ones, you can always choose money clips which allow you to carry cash or card wallets which allow you to carry both cash and cards. It would be a good idea to own different wallets for different situations. For example, If you want to travel light, you should own a card wallet or money clip whereas a regular wallet would work best in everyday situations. In any situation, a wallet proves that it is very important accessory 

There's no doubt that a belt is one of the most essential accessories for men. A high-quality leather belt is a must-have for the wardrobe. A quality leather belt is suitable for both black-tie events as well as casual working days. Reversible belts are great if you don't plan on owning many belts because you can change colours based on your outfit without having to buy multiple ones. People who don't want to own multiple belts for different occasions can also opt for easy-to-change buckles.

The importance of a proper watch shouldn't surprise anyone, as they last a very long time and never go out of style, making them one of the most timeless and essential accessories you can own. It's always a good idea to go with a minimalistic style watch (unless you plan to own several watches to suit various occasions) as they are suitable for almost any occasion - formal or informal - and often match most outfits.

Pocket Squares, Cufflinks and Tie Pins
Many people forget about accessories such as pocket squares, cufflinks and tie pins, but for people who value personalised looks and pay attention to detail, they are definitely essential items. This accessories are mostly helpful in wedding events and meetings. If you combine all three, you will always look unique. You won't believe the number of people who appreciate your attention to detail and the effort you have put into putting together your outfit. 

One of the most essential things we wear on a daily basis is a pair of socks. It prevents foot odour whether you are travelling or attending a business meeting.
Hopefully, all of these accessories are already in your wardrobe and if not, then it's time to upgrade your wardrobe with important accessories that will amaze anyone you meet.