Pradeep Singh

To clear UPSC exams, it requires a great deal of dedication, perseverance and hard work. A 'never give up' attitude is what it demands from the aspirants. And, it is no wonder that civil services, CDS and NDA have all that it takes to be a dream job. However, a single mistake can ruin all the efforts of a candidate.

After finding aspirants making mistakes in the OMR sheets, the UPSC recently shared some of the common mistakes that students often do. Through the same, the commission aims to aware the students so that they can at least avoid making such errors in the OMR sheet/scannable attendance list.

Mistakes in OMR Sheet:

(1) Encoding booklet series by candidate

OMR MistakesOMR Mistakes

What's the error: Candidates encoded ‘C’ insteadof ‘A

UPSC jobs
UPSC jobs

What's the error: Encoding not done by candidate 

(2) Encoding subject code and roll number

Civil ServicesCivil Services

What's the error: Wrong encoding of Subject Code and Roll Number.

(3) Marking on areas

OMR errors
OMR errors

Error: Markings/Writings on prohibited area

(4) Encoding of responses/answers

Errors in OMR sheetErrors in OMR sheet

Error: Incomplete bubbling

What to do: Candidate should encode bubbles completely while marking response.

Errors in Scannable Attendance List:


Illustration 1 - Correct place designated for entry of details of candidate
Illustration 2 - Entry made at wrong place

(1) Wrong marking of presence

Error: Details filled at the wrong place

UPSC OMR mistakesUPSC OMR mistakes

Illustration 1 - Correct place designated for entry of details of candidate.
Illustration 2 - Entry made at wrong place.

What to do: Candidate should fill details at the right place only

The UPSC has launched OTR (One Time Registration) platform for UPSC exams 2022. The OTR has been launched for the aspirants to submit applications for the exams, conducted by the Commission, on and